RECENT WORK - Nantahala

Two weeks ago we visited friends in Hayesville, NC.  On Sunday, we ventured out to find water along the Nantahala River, which was about an hour away.  The two photographers were looking for some overcast to be a "big softbox," but initially it was sunny.  Before we got to the Nantahala Outdoors Center, we saw a parking area overlooking the river with steps down.  It was starting to precipitate a little, and we couldn't decide if it was snow, sleet, wintry mix, or rain.  The river was flowing really well (1a-c) along a nicely paved put in/takeout area.  There was a couple sitting by the river just watching and drinking something hot out of a thermos: coffee? Irish coffee? hot brandy?  Who knows! 

On to the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad comes thru here and there is a LOT to see and do.  1d is a colorful shot of the path along the river just below the kayak race gates. When people get off the train, this path gets used along with the cafes and shops there.

Once we left here, we ventured off into the forest where the photogs went in search of a waterfall they had heard about. 1.5 hours later they returned looking angry and stating they had hiked 2 miles and not seen anything. We started down the road and they both grinned like crazy men, and said they had found a wonderful little falls!  They took many pictures and christened it J&J Falls after the two Johns who found it. (1e-i)  No doubt someone knows about it, but apparently not many do. 

By the time we got back on the road to head home, it was snowing and had been for awhile.  Once we got out of the mountains, it was ok; but you could see white on the tops of the mountains!  Good way to welcome winter.


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Nantahala River-1

Nantahala River-2

Nantahala River-3

Nantahala Outdoor Center pathway along the river

Secret falls in the Nantahala Forest-1

Secret falls in the Nantahala Forest-2

Secret falls in the Nantahala Forest-3

Secret falls in the Nantahala Forest-4

Secret falls in the Nantahala Forest-5