RECENT WORK - Oregon Trip 2017 - Part 1

We flew into Seattle early in the morning and were dismayed to see smoke filling all the available canyon spaces in the mountains. So glad we changed our minds about staying in Packwood, WA and got a place in Newport, OR.  It was farther away, but it was worth it!  For this part of the trip, at least, we didn't contend much with too much smoke; although we did not have great sky conditions in any case.

We of course wanted to see lighthouses and Heceta Head was not far away.  1a shows Heceta Head from the overlook 1/4 mile up the road. The fog is obvious, but it was still only about 9:30 am. We spent much of the day just checking places out; but later in the afternoon, we found ourselves at Yaquina Head Light.  There were a lot of people up at the light so we went down to Quarry Cove, where we were told we might see whales. We did!  1b shows the back of one gray whale and the blow from it and another off to the right. John was out on a rocky point and the closest whale was not more than 30 yards below him! We watched for quite awhile, but they never did anything famous like breach...just saw back and blow.  It was still just amazing.

At sunset, we walked down to Seal Rocks along the beach, but the light was flat and it was a looong walk back. We ended up at the Seal Rocks State Recreation Area overlook and got a bit of color as the tide was going out (1c).

Next morning we were back at Yaquina Head.  It was early and there were fewer people, and no whales. (1d-e)  Had a nice early view of the Yaquina Bridge (1f) before heading back to Heceta Head area.  John wanted to see the Cape Creek Bridge we had driven over several times from down below.  It was designed by Conde McCullough and more imposing once you got down below it. (1g)

No sunset that night due to fog and we woke to heavy fog the next morning.  1h and 1i were taken early in the morning.  There was no wind so the water under the boats in the marina was like glass.  Nice for reflections and sets off the boat colors.  More later.


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Heceta Head Lighthouse

Whales blowing below Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Seal Rocks at sunset

Yaquina Head Lighthouse-1

Yaquina Head Lighthouse-2

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, OR

Cape Creek Bridge at Heceta Head

Under Yaquina Bay Bridge in fog

Early morning fog at marina at Newport, OR